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“Oh, My Saddam” – The Dry Wit of Steve Martin Makes Me Chuckle

Scott on January 6, 2007 at 11:14 pm

OK, someone needs to call Hell, because I’m pretty sure it just froze over!

I never thought that I would ever, ever, EVER recommend a piece posted over on the Huffington Post. I think that most of what is written over there is garbage.
BUT, then there are the items contributed by Steve Martin.

I’m a fan of Mr. Martin. I like his comedy, I enjoy his movies, and I appreciated his writing. A Hollywood Triple Threat! AND he is a rarety among stars in the entertainment galaxy…he thinks! He has a brain and he knows how use it.

Case in point, his subtle, tongue-in-cheek, nicely balanced piece titled: “Oh, My Saddam.”

Read and enjoy!

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