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(New Video) Krugman: Public Option Will Kill Private Insurance

Morgen on August 25, 2009 at 5:26 pm

I discovered and posted a video of NY Times columnist Paul Krugman in early July enlightening us all on the fact that the public option may ultimately evolve into a single-payer system. I know I’ve beaten this (trojan) horse into the ground repeatedly over the past few months. And I’m sure very few readers of this blog have any doubts that the reason the public option is so indispensable to liberals is precisely because it will lead to a government take-over of the healthcare system. But as long as the Administration and their willing partners in the media continue to characterize this claim as a “myth”, I am going to continue doing everything in my power to provide additional evidence to the contrary. (Have you seen the VS response to the White House “Reality Check” site?)

And so here, once again, is our gregarious friend from the NY Times, Paul Krugman, speaking about healthcare reform. This is a segment from an interview which aired on Democracy Now! in October 2007. Note that the video begins with a short clip of Hillary Clinton, as I wanted to highlight certain similarities with President Obama’s healthcare pitch. Watch:

YouTube Preview Image

You have to admit: Hillary’s pitch sounds much better coming from Obama. And the founding father of ObamaCare, John Edwards, should get some credit too.

And of course by now, there really should be no doubt that the public option was conceived by liberals as a politically viable way to implement a single payer system over time. The fact that the White House continues their misinformation campaign over this reflects a shocking disregard for the truth. And ultimately utter contempt for all Americans who are opposed to a single payer system.

But here is the more interesting point I wanted to make on this. Paul Krugman is a well-known economist who writes regularly for the NY Times. The fact that almost 2 years ago Krugman so willingly conceded information that conservatives have had to dig to uncover is a damning indictment of the bias and/or incompetence of the media. (And note also that Krugman made essentially this same point in a February 2007 NY Times column.)

The public option has now been the central controversy of healthcare reform for what…at least 3 months? And yet up until very recently, did anyone in the MSM think of looking into or reporting on how the idea came about? And whether conservative assertions that it is a trojan horse for single payer had any merit? Does it really take bloggers doing research in their spare time to discover and document information of such national importance?

Apparently the answer is yes. The only question is whether this was due to bias or incompetence on the part of the media. A little of both I’m sure. But as demonstrated by this video of Krugman and others, I have no doubt that there are quite a few members of the media who have been aware of the history and intent of the public option for some time. And thus, they have been silently complicit in this deception by their non-reporting. While this comes as no surprise to most conservatives, it’s a disgraceful betrayal of the public interest and the ideals of their profession.


By way of contrast, watch Paul Krugman towards the end of this ABC interview from last weekend call the arguments against the public option “sheer nonsense”:

YouTube Preview Image

Thanks to Mr. Krugman, we actually do have an “intellectual leg to stand on” – his own words!

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