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Human Parts and Products

John on January 6, 2007 at 4:20 pm

I wrote recently about EmCell, a clinic in the Ukraine which may have kidnapped and murdered infants to harvest stem cells for expensive (and unproven) treatments.

Today I have two more stories of a similar nature. First, from the Daily Mail:

A Mail investigation has uncovered…a baby factory in Athens run by the Albanian and Russian mafias, catering to the demands of wealthy Western women unable to have children of their own.

They come from Britain, Europe and as far afield as America, hand over a huge wad of cash and take the child back home.

The baby factory in Athens is doing a booming trade. The girls selected by the gangs for the production line are mostly Bulgarians and Romanian gipsies.

Here’s how it operates:

As soon as an order has been placed, a woman is chosen to produce a baby. Only the beautiful girls are selected to join the production line.


The gangs recruit the women in several ways. One, say police sources, is to seek out a young, attractive, healthy woman and tell her they can organise a false passport and papers to enable her to enter Greece.

Once this has been done, the girl is presented with a huge bill which she is unable to pay. She is then told that the debt will be written off if she gets pregnant and gives up her baby.

‘The girls have no option but to comply,’ says a police source. ‘You would not want to upset these people.’

The woman is impregnated by mafia racketeers and then looked after, housed, fed and clothed for the next nine months.

She does not give birth in hospital in case someone asks too many questions. Rather, she has the baby in a makeshift maternity suite – a room in a house rented by the factory for the purpose.

A trained midwife in the pay of the factory is on hand to ensure a safe delivery. There is, after all, a lot of money at stake. Up to £20,000, in fact.

Greek police believe they’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg:

Ms Andreakou said her department had traced nine sales of Bulgarian infants in the first six months of this year and arrested 33 suspected mediators – 24 Bulgarians, seven Greeks (including doctors and lawyers) and two Albanians.

‘This is just a fraction of the number of cases,’ she said. ‘We need to prove that money has exchanged hands, as this is what makes the transaction illegal, but that is very difficult to do.’

Meanwhile, something even creepier has been taking place in India:

The gruesome tale of India’s “house of horrors”, a serial murder case that has transfixed the nation for a week, took an intriguing twist yesterday when forensic scientists investigating the killing of at least 17 people in an upmarket Delhi suburb prepared to apply truth serum to the two prime suspects.


Moninder Singh Pandher, a businessman, and his servant Surender Koli were whisked away to a science laboratory in the state of Gujarat — about 620 miles away from the capital — where they were injected with sodium penthanol. [If only that was legal in the US]

Police say Kohli [the servant] has confessed to killing 10 children and 5 women. So far 17 bodies have been discovered and there is a growing suspicion that more have been killed. Local residents fear that up to 40 missing children may have been murdered by the pair since 2004.

As yet, police aren’t sure why the victims were killed:

[T]he line of investigation has turned to the possibility that Pandher and Koli lured their victims into the house with the offer of sweets, with the intent to harvest their organs, such as kidneys, for commercial gain and police are investigating a link between the two men and a local doctor.

When doctors are encouraged to create human life for research, how can we act surprised when the mafia does the same for profit?The realization that one can profit from the abuse and murder of children seems to be taking hold around the world. The connection to modern medicine (in the case of EmCell and the Indian murders) isn’t accidental. We have fostered a culture which views human beings, their parts and products as just another commodity. When doctors are encouraged to create human life for research, how can we act surprised when the mafia does the same for profit?

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