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President Golfing with Facilitator of Tax Evasion

John on August 24, 2009 at 1:27 pm

robert wolf and obamaKudos to Ben Smith at Politico for mentioning the story the rest of the MSM will not touch:

From today’s briefing:

[Obama] played some tennis with the First Lady, is going to hit the links today with Congressman Clyburn, Mr. [Robert] Wolf of UBS, and Marvin Nicholson of the White House.

Wolf is the president of UBS, most recently in the headlines for the ongoing case in which it’s accused of helping wealthy clients evade taxes. Which is to say that this new foundation stuff has its limits.

I wrote a lot more about this story here, just a few days ago. What Ben Smith doesn’t say is that Wolf is not only President of UBS Americas Group, he is also Obama’s biggest campaign bundler. And yet, just last week the IRS Commissioner said on television that UBS “was facilitating tax evasion.” This seems like one of those cases where the media would have some questions if Obama were a Republican.

I wonder what they talked about on the back nine?

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