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Slice is Gone (for the moment)

John on January 6, 2007 at 3:24 pm

After coming under increasing pressure from various blogs (read the recent history here), Siice of Laodicea has officially closed up shop. Normally I would consider this cause to celebrate, but in this case Ingrid has already promised she’ll be back.

True to form, Ingrid isn’t just closing up shop, she’s making sure the entire thing disappears down the memory hole. All the wild accusations and inaccurate criticism, the even wilder comments, the mutual self-congratulations — all gone in the twinkling of an eye. Not even a warning to the regulars, apparetnly. The site just disappeared.
It sounds to me as if Ingrid simply got fed up and maybe also realized a couple things:

  1. Slice of Laodicea had accumulated too many negatives both in terms of inaccurate information and, more significantly, people who’d noticed.
  2. She finally got fed up with the blog format which allowed the possibility (albeit mostly pretense at Slice) of feedback. (I and most of the other Slice critics had been banned from commenting anyway. That’s the advantage of having your own blog, you can’t be silenced.)

Chris Lyons’ has word on what the future holds from Ingrid herself:

A new website is under development that will incorporate the writing talents of several different contributors on discernment issues facing the church. While the Slice format was popular and useful, we are hoping that the new format will be superior in the way it offers needed information for the body of Christ. When the new website is up, it will have a new domain but the address will link directly to it. We hope to have the site up and running within two weeks. At the time that the new site is unveiled, there will be new contact information available.

So it’s a change of format as well as a change of URl. I suspect the new site won’t be comment enabled, but that’s just a guess. No doubt Ingrid is busy buying up every conceivable variation on her new site’s name, whatever that may be. Unless the content changes, it won’t help. I could be wrong, but this move doesn’t strike me as any kind of recognition that something was wrong with Slice itself. No doubt Ingrid is thinking something like “Sure, the well is poisoned, forcing us to move on, but it was there fault, not ours.”

I suppose the big question is whether or not the new site will stick with the same line up. No doubt she’ll keep Steve Camp as he’s a big name. Will Ken make the cut? Probably. Will he maintain his role as pastoral advisor? I’m going to guess no.

Finally, I’d just like to point out that not all the accumulated wisdom of Slice is gone. Thanks to the magic of the internet you can still access the first 7 months of slice right here.

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