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Top Canadian Doc on Rationing and Waits

John on August 20, 2009 at 11:39 pm

Dr. Brian Day is Canada’s former top doc, i.e. head of the Canadian Medical Association. I’ll refer you to Gateway Pundit if you want to see an excellent 2-minute interview clip, but here’s a bit of the transcript that jumps out:

Bill O’Reilly: Is that a major problem rationing in Canada? Are people suffering because they cannot get in to see a doctor?

Dr. Brian Day: Oh yes. We have over a million people waiting for surgery and probably another million waiting to see their specialist before they get to wait for the surgery.

As Dr. Day makes clear in the interview, Canada has a total population of 34 million, making it 1/9th the size of the US. If we assume the percentages would be roughly the same under a Canadian single-payer system here in the US, that would work out to 9 million people waiting for surgery and 9 million waiting to see a specialist. Combined that would be half the entire population of Canada…waiting.

And these waits can be 6-18 months! I suppose that will give us all time to reflect on our gratitude to the President for, you know, helping us.

Barack Obama (and his media allies) say that talk of rationing is nothing but fear mongering. So don’t listen to fear mongers like Dr. Day, listen to the President. He has a law degree after all.

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