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Two State Solution?

John on January 4, 2007 at 10:25 am

From the Jerusalem Post:

About 10,000 Israelis have purchased moon property since it became available in 2000. Of the 10 million acres sold worldwide, 1 million are owned by residents of Israel, Wegner said Wednesday.

“Some Israelis believe that buying land on the moon is an original gift and a great investment that their grandchildren might benefit from,” he told The Jerusalem Post.

Sure, that’s what they would say. But why Israelis? Why now?

Although the sales also increased in the United States, nowhere in the world were they as high as in Israel. While about 9,000 Israelis purchased plots from 2000 until December’s announcement, a full 1,000 did so over the last month, Wegman said. “This trend will continue to increase in Israel; it is a snowball effect,” he said.

I think we know exactly where this is headed…a two-state solution:


Plus, suicide bombs don’t go boom on the moon…

Update: Allahpundit beat me to the punch by six minutes. (Thanks for link!)

Also, while many Palestinians don’t seem to be at all put off by explosive decompression, here’s a more humane version, just in case:


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