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A Trojan Horse Rises (With New Video)

Morgen on August 18, 2009 at 9:17 pm

Wow, I picked some week to go on vacation. Liberals are having a total meltdown over the news from last weekend that the Administration may be backing away from the public option. And our fellow citizens, God bless them, continue to go ballistic over ObamaCare at town hall meetings around the country. If you didn’t catch the video highlights from Barney Frank’s town hall on Tuesday, this is a MUST SEE.

It’s becoming increasingly difficult to follow the political machinations taking place in Washington, particularly with regards to the public option. I have a really difficult time believing that the media misinterpreted the signals coming out of the Administration, as claimed by Health Secretary Sebelius and others this week. These were front page stories in the Washington Post and the New York Times, and its unimaginable that they would have gone out on this limb without confirmation from inside sources within the Administration. (This has Rahm Emanuel’s fingerprints all over it, if you ask me.)

I think it may have been a trial balloon as posited by Michelle Malkin, but I think most likely the purpose was two-fold. I think primarily the Administration wanted to fire up progressives to counter the conservative protesters which have been dominating media coverage for the past few weeks. Secondarily, I think the Administration was hoping to quell some of the passion of ObamaCare opponents, since the public option has been drawing most of the fire. So at best it was a tactical retreat. And based on the latest headlines, I think it’s safe to say that the public option is far from dead.

So given this, I think it’s time to highlight another video demonstrating why the public option is so critically important to liberals. I created a compilation video of all the clips we’ve discovered and posted in the past few months, where key Democrats have outright admitted that the public option is an incremental step towards a full government take-over of healthcare (i.e. a single payer system). Watch:

YouTube Preview Image

I know many of you have probably seen some or all of these clips before. And you probably already know that this is the real agenda of the public plan. So please continue to share these videos with friends, family, etc…and of course you are welcome to link or embed on other sites. Quotes from these videos have made their way into numerous media channels over the past several weeks. So we really can make a difference in shaping the public discourse on this.

If the Administration does end up ramming through the public option, I want every American to know why.

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