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Bob Dylan Goes Loco on Cops

John on August 17, 2009 at 11:27 am

Nah! Not really. Just the opposite actually. Writing at The Corner, Victor Davis Hanson points out just how Dylan’s story compares to another recent police incident we’ve all heard about:

68-year-old Bob Dylan, in rolling-stone fashion, was innocently walking alone in a Long Branch, N.J., neighborhood recently. A 20-something police officer thought this was odd, and pulled over to question the suspect. No ID. Support was called in. Neither of the two officers recognized the American icon. Indeed, they apparently had never even heard of Bob Dylan — and so put him in the first squad car to take him back to his hotel to verify whether he was really an entertainer of some sort.

When his story checked out, the officers released him and left. A city official said of Dylan, “He couldn’t have been any nicer to them.” Apparently there were no Dylan rants about whom the police were “messin’” with, no reference to their mothers, no mayoral or gubernatorial editorial, no presidential sermon on police acting stupidly by profiling and putting a man in a police car for simply walking the street.

One wonders what would have happened had Gates acted like Dylan or Dylan like Gates?

Lesson of the day: If a living legend like Bob Dylan can put up with innocent (yet irritating and time consuming) mistakes like this with good humor then Skip “black man in America” Gates sure as hell can too.

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