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Quick Hits

John on January 3, 2007 at 10:44 am

A few quick things from around the web:

  1. Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost has a brief but helpful post sorting out which founding fathers were deists, which were unitarians and which were orthodox Christians.
  2. Marines arrest midgets – A letter from a Marine officer published in Time magazine gives a first hand account of a soldier’s life in Iraq. And yes, there are midgets involved. [HT: World Magazine Blog]
  3. Democratic hypocrisy in da House – That didn’t take long. [HT: Sister Toldjah]
  4. Real life hero – Jumping in front of a subway car to save a complete stranger. [HT: Blue Crab Boulevard - and I love this comment at the site "If there truly is a God, that man will never pay for a beer the rest of his days."]
  5. The last quick hits post had the story of the NY Times stringer who botched a story on infanticide. Now it looks like the Times is getting ready to ditch their public editor in the wake of this embarrassment. FYI, they have yet to run a correction.

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