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We’re Rebuking the Kooks, How About Thinning Out the Thugs?

John on August 15, 2009 at 11:27 am

It was the sign heard round the world, or at least the nation. A man appeared at a Town Hall event held by Sen. Ben Cardin in Maryland holding a sign that read “Death to Obama…Death to Obama and Michelle and 2 Stupid Kids” (sign published here):

hateful sign

Scanning through video of the event taken by local NCB affiliate I also found this:


Notice the sign on the left…

It’s enough to make you conclude that John Cook writing at Gawker is right:

If GOP politicians were to be outspoken in telling their supporters that strenuous political opposition is OK but that glorifying violence is not—how many signs have you seen reading “Sic Semper Tyrannis”?—it might go a long way toward tamping down the rage and decreasing the likelihood that someone actually becomes convinced that Sean Hannity will have him on the show as a reward for stopping Obama’s march toward a “culture of death.” But rage is all they’ve got, so rage it is. Not one GOP politician that we can find has distanced themselves from that rage. They’ve embraced it.

But that’s wrong. Look at these pics again:


There were 1000 people at this event in a heavily Republican Washington county Maryland. This nut (whose name has never been released) spent 10 seconds writing this stupid sign and became the story (btw, is that a holster on his hip?).

But notice he seems to be standing by himself. According to press reports, there were several calls to police about this man. In other words, the GOP did reject him.  He wasn’t just one of the crowd, he was a nut. People weren’t glad-handing this freak, they called the police on his sorry ass.

And that second sign? It’s a screen grab from a video of people leaving the event. They are exiting the doors on the right and moving to the left. Note that the hand holding that image is someone facing the exit. In other words, someone was trying to hand these things out. Now look at the guy’s face, the one closest to the picture. He’s glancing down at the image. He’s not smiling or reaching up to take it. He’s doing the Manhattan-walk, trying not to make eye-contact with the crazy people.

And as has already been pointed out, these signs aren’t coming from the GOP, they are part of a campaign being run by Lyndon LaRouche. LaRouche has sent supporters to a bunch of these town hall events. LaRouche is the fringe of the fringe. He’s not part of the GOP so stop tarring us with his nutty, nutty brush. He’s been off the rez as far as we’re concerned for some time.

The people inside the town hall (and, yes, some of them were upset) were challenging Cardin about the deficit. Those people were part of the GOP. And like it or not, that’s a debate we should be having. There’s nothing illegitimate about it.

Meanwhile, in all this concern over what one guy scribbled on a cardboard box, let’s not forget that the actual violence so far — the pushing, the shoving, the wrestling, slapping and punching — has all been confined to the pro-reform side of the aisle. Gateway Pundit has a nice roundup of the highlights in this regard.

It’s one thing to argue that kooks with signs may encourage other kooks to do worse. Maybe so, but a) don’t lay that on the GOP and b) so far it’s the kooks on your side of the debate that are getting violent. Maybe you ought to do something about the actual violence on the left before you get too worked up about the potential violence on the right. Just a thought.

Related: No increase in theats to President since recess. Of course even one threat is one too many. But the Democrats who want to sell the actions of a few kooks as representative of everyone who doesn’t wan’t ObamaCare are over-reaching.

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