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Pat Robertson – PLEASE SHUT UP!!! (part 2)

Scott on January 2, 2007 at 9:03 pm

OK, maybe I’m just tired and cranky, but I am on the verge of layin’ down some serious profanity (and to be honest, I almost never swear unless I’ve inflicted serious pain on myself like when I dropped a large piece of wood on my head…long story…5 years ago in the garage…not paying attention…serious pain…enough said).

Anyway, back to Pat Robertson and the total IDIOCY that he brings to the body of Christ and the insanity that the rest of us have to live down and explain to the watching world (which is why I feel like swearing like a sailor out of total anger and frustration).

Mr. Robertson has just made one of his famous/infamous predictions.

In May of 2006, I did my first “Pat Robertson-Please Shut Up” post in relation to his predictions that the US was going to be hit by major storms in 2006 and a tsunami in the Pacific Northwest.

It is now January 2, 2007 and guess what? The 2006 hurricane season was pretty mild –AND- oddly enough, there were no tsunamis ANYWHERE in the U.S. (including the Pacific Northwest). Hmmm no severe storms and no tsunami. I guess this confirms Mr. Robertson’s place as a false prophet and a possible (if not probable) nutcase.

So back to the latest Robertson prediction. According to Fox News:

Religious broadcaster Pat Robertson predicted Tuesday a horrific terrorist act on the United States that will result in “mass killing” late in 2007.

“I’m not necessarily saying it’s going to be nuclear,” he said during his news-and-talk television show “The 700 Club” on the Christian Broadcasting Network. “The Lord didn’t say nuclear. But I do believe it will be something like that.”

Robertson said God told him during a recent prayer retreat that major cities and possibly millions of people will be affected by the attack, which should take place sometime after September.

So Mr. Robertson is trying to play the odds (it’s been 5 ½ years since 9/11 without an attack on our soil, so many people would say that we are due), while he also hopes that nobody remembers his last severe storm/tsunami “oops” (along with many other botched “words from the Lord” that he has been led to share with the world over the years).

The article from Fox News ends with this spine-curdling quote from Pat:

“I have a relatively good track record. Sometimes I miss.”

Pardon me a “relatively good track record”?!?! I didn’t know that “relatively good” was ever in God’s vocabulary in relation to prophecy, Godly insight and wisdom, etc. I don’t remember “relatively good” being pushed by Isaiah, Elijah, Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul, etc. I guess I need to go back and read over some of the Bible again. Maybe I missed it. Or maybe God told him (Pat) that the whole standard of being 100% accurate all the time was OK for the guys “back in the day,” but that “missing sometimes” is OK for him (Pat) because he’s special.

Or NOT!!!


John adds: Scott, maybe we should set up a special e-mail page where readers can send the following message to Pat:


Pie hole…

Shut it!!!

Then they could add their own name. What do you think?

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