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La Familia and Drugs for Jesus

John on August 13, 2009 at 10:35 pm

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post criticizing Time magazine for their story headlined “Drug Dealing for Jesus.” The title was a reference to a group of narco-terrorists operating in Mexico known as La Familia. And despite how it was intended to sound, the group is not made up of evangelicals who follow Jesus.

Today, Get Religion (one of my favorite blogs) notes a follow up of sorts which was published in the Washington Post. Rather than go for the cheap (and dishonest) shot at evangelical believers, the Post’s writers spend some time in Mexico and get the real story on La Familia:

In some ways, with its religious doctrine, La Familia has positioned itself as a rival of the church. “We think La Familia is a new kind of cartel that takes advantage of the religious nature of the Mexican people,” said Ramón Pequeño García, chief of anti-drug operations at Mexico’s Public Security Ministry. He said the cartel was attempting to become “a kind of parallel institution to satisfy the social demands of the people.”

Because authorities cannot or will not solve murders and kidnappings, victims sometimes appeal directly to La Familia for help.

“This is not a form of religion, it’s a perversion,” López said of the cartel. “It’s just something they have applied to themselves, like varnish.”

This is just a small portion of a long article. It’s really the story of one priest trying to maintain hope in the face of chaos and mayhem. I recommend it.

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