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John on January 1, 2007 at 9:53 am

A couple of my friends are home sick on this fine New Year’s Day. In the chance that Scott and I don’t post a lot of new material today (it is a holiday…) I’m going to throw out some quick links to interesting stories that others are writing about.

  1. This is the sort of story about media bias that really grates. A NY Times freelance writer did a piece on a woman named Carmen Climaco who was supposedly serving 30 years for an illegal abortion. One problem with that story. The medical report shows that her baby was full term and breathing and likely died of strangulation. The Times has predictably refused to even issue a correction.Here’s the Times own public editor on the story. Other blogging about it: The Anchoress, The American Thinker, and Hot Air.
  2. Liberal bloggers (aka the sinistrosphere) reaction to the death of Saddam is sad but predictable.
  3. Here’s one I read a couple days ago about the booming business of “sex tourism.” According to this Christianity Today story, Americans account for 25% of such tourists. Here’s a related story in CT.
  4. For Muslims it’s time for the Hajj. Here’s a story about that. Here’s some background info on the building they’re walking around inside the great mosque. It’s called the Kabaa and on display at one corner of the Kabaa is the black stone, which is believed to be a meteorite. Both the Kabaa and the black stone actually predate Islam. Interesting stuff.And just because I’m a nerd, here’s the Kabaa inside the Great Mosque as seen from space, courtesy of Google Earth.

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