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VS Passes 30K Unique Visitors

John on December 30, 2006 at 2:20 pm

VS hit 30K unique visitors yesterday. Hits are approaching 200K. We’ve also continued to garner content based links from some of the best blogs on the web, recently that has including Hot Air, Blue Crab Boulevard, Outside the Beltway, Sister Toldjah, SmartChristian and others.

Blogging is definitely an “of the moment” sort of thing. We like to think we could contribute something to more lasting issues of significance as well. This morning Scott and I discussed some changes we plan to make in the next month. We’re going to be adding a resource area to the site. These will be pages rather than posts. The plan is to accumulate a collection of fairly complete responses to some common issues that come up often on the web.

The first one, which is about half done, is a series of pages on Adolph Hitler’s faith. This is one of those questions that comes up over and over. VS is going to have a fairly definitive answer to the issue of Hitler’s faith along with links to dozens of outside resources on all sides of the issue.

The next “mini-resource” we’ll probably work on will involve eschatology, specifically arguments in favor of preterism and against “left behind” views.

As always, thanks to other blogs (particularly Allah at Hot Air), friends, visitors, readers and lurkers who continue to make Verum Serum a growing and successful blog. And if you run a blog and haven’t considered adding us to your sidebar or, better yet, your feed reader we’d like to ask you to consider it.

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