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Another Anti-ID Class at KU

John on November 28, 2005 at 4:16 pm

Just a few days ago, Professor Mirecki at KU was caught with his ideological pants around his ankles. Today another professor, this time from the anthropology department, announced a new class covering ID, this time labeling it “pseudoscience.”

Unlike Mirecki’s class which seems to have been created purely as a way to take a swipe at the “fat faces” of ID proponents, Professor John Hoopes is reworking a class he taught back in 1999. The class website can be found here. Note that one of the first reading assignments in his 1999 class was an article from Skeptical Inquirer magazine. Also note that his 1999 class required that students attend one of three lectures by Eugenie Scott. Nothing wrong with having an opinion of course, but there’s also nothing wrong with pointing out that professors like Mirecki and Hoopes have presuppositions and agendas, just like everyone else.

Dr. Hoopes main issue with ID seems to be falsifiability. Perhaps, in addition to the latest from Skeptical Enquirer and Eugenie Scott, he could have his students read an alternative viewpoint this time around.

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