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Something Must Pass for Political Reasons

John on August 5, 2009 at 12:42 am

I missed this buried toward the end of Joe Klein’s contributions to Time’s latest special report on health reform:

“Something called health-reform legislation will pass,” a prominent Democrat told me. “The political consequences of not passing anything would be too great.”

Remember when the President said that this wasn’t about him?

He lied.

Klein is moving the goal posts for Obama. He quotes someone from the Brookings institution:

“If we can pass health-care exchanges, which could be expanded in the future and are the seeds of real change, this will be the most successful year of health-care reform in decades.”

This has always been about the “seeds” of change. Just tell people what they want to hear now. Tell them it’s about choice. But once the government is involved it’s power will continue to grow until it makes all the decisions and there are no choices. That’s how it is in Canada and that’s how it is in Britain. If Obama succeeds, that’s how it’ll be here in 10 years.

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