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White House Responds to VS…Again

John on August 5, 2009 at 9:52 am

Last week Naked Emperor News created a new video clip titled SHOCK UNCOVERED: Obama IN HIS OWN WORDS saying His Health Care Plan will ELIMINATE private insurance. I discovered it when Allahpundit posted it on Hot Air as the quote of the day August 2nd. I actually laughed watching it. Here’s NEN’s clip:

YouTube Preview Image

Now have a look at this clip which Morgen created and posted here more than 70 days ago titled The Public Plan Deception – It’s Not About Choice:

YouTube Preview Image

See any similarities. Yeah, me too. These SHOCK clips were indeed uncovered, but they were uncovered by Morgen months ago. And it’s not as if nobody noticed. Hot Air and others posted the clip. Glenn Beck even remixed it and led his show with it with an on-air credit to Verum Serum. About 60,000 people have seen it so far on YouTube, and millions more saw the Glenn Beck version.

Now this isn’t the start of some silly blog war. I contacted NEN yesterday, politely letting them know I was a fan of their work and asking them to provide some sort of hat tip. They responded promptly and graciously. Apparently they were not among the tens of thousands of people who watched our video. And true to their word, they added the tip on their site and in the sidebar of this particular video, (though I still don’t think they’re aware that both the Obama clip and the Rep. Schakowsky came from us).

But whatever… That’s the end of that as far as I’m concerned. And I still think those guys are great at what they do. And like I wrote to them, I’m really glad they’re on our side. Problem over. Everyone wins.

But since I’m venting here…(and if you don’t want to hear venting, feel free to skip the rest of this one). Part of my irritation with this wasn’t just about this one clip. It’s about the fact that this keeps happening to us. We’ve had our clips stolen and re-branded several times before. People literally just cut the logo with our name off the end and add their own in its place. Then they post it on their site as their own. No research. Just one snip and it’s theirs. Easy.

I’m not going to name names, but if you look around You Tube you’ll see what I mean. We haven’t complained about this to date because, hey, the point is to get the word out. The point, ultimately, is to make a difference. If that means letting someone else take credit, well, we can live with that…to a point.

It happened again with some of the Sotomayor stuff. Several outlets attributed the publication of the “wise Latina” comment to the NY Times, even though we were the first to publish it a full 10 days before the Times. We know for a fact people at the Times were reading and aware of us prior to their publication of it. Coincidence? Yeah, right.

It’s one thing if some guy in timbuktu wants to rebrand our work and spread it around as his own. It’s another thing if the NY Times wants to do it. And that’s not even a left/right thing, it’s a basic fairness thing. If I use something from the Times, there’s always a link and credit to them for the work. I expect the same treatment in return, fellas. (Fortunately, we know the record is going to be set straight on that account in about three more weeks. More on that to come…)

In any case, Drudge decided to link to the NEN clip and now the White House is responding with a clip of their own:

YouTube Preview Image

This is so pathetic I’m not sure why they bothered. Basically they claim the clips are bogus without even pointing out which ones or why. Then they repeat the President’s talking points about choice and competition without explaining why we should believe it. It amounts to “Don’t believe them, believe us.” But I guess that’s enough for the Obama true believers. Fortunately their numbers are shrinking by the week.

So, getting back to my rant (yeah, I know), as I see it the White House is responding to VS as (very slightly) filtered by Naked Emperor News. This is the second time in as many months that we’ve had the pointy heads in the White House trying to spin their way out of something we published or produced. So, yeah, I want that on the record. If you think that’s petty, well, too bad. We don’t do this for money. We don’t get invitations to swank parties or invited to join Journo-list. We do it to have an impact. And right now we’re having a really big impact, even if once again other people are taking the bulk of the credit. The truth is that we did it and so I’m claiming it.

But this is also the last time we’re taking the backseat on our own work. I’m pretty tired of getting ripped off. Hey, I know it’s the internet where the unofficial motto is “whatever…” Fine. Take whatever you want. Just make sure you give credit and that should include a link where possible.

Bottom line: The next guy or gal that tries to five-finger-discount our material may not find me so amicable about it. I wish Metallica had a version of this song, but this will have to do:

YouTube Preview Image

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