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The Public is Not Happy with the Public Plan

John on August 3, 2009 at 7:01 pm

Here’s the video of the week which I’m stealing from Drew at Ace’s place.

Here’s another angle on it. The video is awful and the audio is weak, but you really here the crowd reaction. Wow, people are not buying what the Dems are selling on this:

YouTube Preview Image

There’s more from the same town hall here.

Finally, the question asked here is the one I’ve been writing about for months. This question — Medicare is broke, Medicaid is broke, Social Security is broke, what makes you think a government takeover of health care is going to work out any better? — needs to be asked of every single Senator and Congressman, preferably in a public setting like this one so we can see them sweat.

Democracy is a beautiful thing.

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