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Some Atheists Not Thrilled with the New Atheism

John on December 29, 2006 at 11:42 am

I missed this story when it was published by the LA Times. Hat tip to Think Christian for pointing it out. It’s good news that some atheists are wary of getting on board the Sam Harris/Richard Dawkins bandwagon. In particular, the author of the Times piece isn’t sold on the virtue of religious intolerance:

I’m just slightly alarmed. The new atheism is pretty hard-core, militantly insisting we challenge religiosity wherever we meet it, or else enable its darker extremist tendencies. In other words, the new atheism is on a quest for conversion. Having insisted on tolerance of our non-faith, Dawkins and Harris’ take-no-prisoners orthodoxy would have us be intolerant of others’ faith. Oh boy, just when I was beginning to enjoy being an atheist.

Meanwhile, he’s still buying their books.

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