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Princess Diana and the Mysterious White Uno

John on December 27, 2006 at 12:01 am

Remember that night nearly 10 years ago? I do. Do you remember the mysterious white Uno which police believed collided with Diana’s car? For a long time it was assumed the car belonged to the stalkerazzi. Not so. The Daily Mail reports that it belonged to Le Van Tianh:

tianh.jpgThe father of a man who was driving a white Fiat Uno in Paris the night Princess Diana was killed has sensationally admitted his son had the car painted red just hours after the fatal crash and revealed his suspicions that his son was involved.


He recalls Le Van, then 22, returning home from his job as a night-time security guard in a frightened and bewildered state but unwilling to tell his father what was troubling him.

Instead, he had a whispered conversation with his brother Dung, who worked as a mechanic, which culminated in the brothers rushing off in the middle of the night to radically alter the appearance of Le Van’s 15-year-old car.

During the next two hours, and with no one else around, the brothers resprayed the white Fiat a bright red.


Le Van himself is not keen on seeing anyone.

Traced by The Mail on Sunday last week, he said the crash had ruined his life – an odd statement, given that he has vehemently denied ever being there.

Now working as a Paris taxi driver, he said: “All kinds of things have happened over the past nine years and I just want the whole thing to go away.

“I am a father with children now and have had enough of this saga.”

Asked about the night of the crash, he replied: “I don’t want to say exactly what happened.

“It would cause too many complications. The police have been involved and so have many other powerful people.

“They have tried to get me to help them, but this is not my job.”

Why is the man who may have caused the crash that killed princess Diana still driving a car? Forget driving. Why is he still walking around free?

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