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Audio: Gates on Obama in Oct. 2008 (Not So Enamored With the Hopenchange)

Morgen on July 28, 2009 at 5:57 pm

The post-racial propaganda campaign continues on Thursday evening with the President hosting Harvard professor Henry Gates and Cambridge police officer James Crowley at the White House for a beer or two. As I commented in an earlier thread, I think this story has drawn way more attention than it has deserved. If the purpose of the White House meeting is to further dialog and understanding over the very real issue of racial profiling, they could not have picked a less appropriate example to discuss. Much less to magnify in front of the entire world.

But here we are, primarily because the President not so wisely decided to speak out in defense of his “friend” Professor Gates. And no doubt they are on friendly terms. But since Gates has chosen to use the Presidential spotlight as a “teaching moment” on criminal justice and equality, I think it’s only fair to point out that Gates has not always been the President’s biggest fan.

For example, would it surprise you to know that Obama wasn’t Gates’ first choice in the election last year?

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Hillary Clinton!? Say it ain’t so, Professor Gates. You mean…he’s not The One?

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Well that’s a relief. Colin Powell as Barack’s “John the Baptist”. Lol.

Professor Gates was speaking at a Stanford University forum on October 23, 2008. You can find the audio of the entire session and a transcript here. Let it be noted that Professor Gates had some very positive things to say about then Senator Obama as well. Although overall it seems to me that the Professor is less than sincere in his enthusiasm for the transformative powers of The One.

And frankly, I think his most interesting comments had to do with the abject failure of affirmative action to have any sort of broad-based impact on minority populations as a whole. Perhaps this would be a more useful topic of discussion at the White House than talking about racial profiling in a case where the only profiling was on the part of the Professor.

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