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Atheist End Christmas Contest (Plus VS Counter Contest!)

John on December 24, 2006 at 12:13 pm

Okay, not quite. Not at all really…They want to end Christmas.

So far as we know, they’re not planning to light Christmas trees (and themselves) on fire to accomplish this. No, but they do have a plan. They’re giving away copies of Brian Flemming’s God Who Wasn’t There to any Christians who will videotape themselves blaspheming the holy spirit. Anyway, just a couple of points for the logicians at the Rational Response Squad to ponder:

  1. Offer to Christians: Blaspheme and get a DVD. That’s the plan, right? But anyone willing to do this clearly isn’t a Christian any more…So you’re really preaching to the choir here aren’t you? Unless you think just the anticipation of getting Brian’s DVD is enough to convert people. Of course I do appreciate that you’ve adopted the idea of a free gift to win converts. Sort of cribbed that from God though, didn’t you?
  2. As is so often the case, atheists read the Bible more literally than the most ardent fundamentalists. By most accounts, to blaspheme the Spirit is to deny Christ. In short, the only unforgivable sin is disbelief, even then it must be willful disbelief. In short, you don’t know what you’re talking about.

So the good news for the End Christmas Platoon is you’re already there. The good news for us Christians is that as long as atheists rely on cheesy publicity stunts and Brian Flemming’s backyard movies to win converts, Christmas is going to be around for a long, long time.

Counter Contest!

Just in time for Christmas I’d like to announce my own Verum Serum counter-contest. Here’s how it works.

  • Any atheist who is willing to humble him or herself
  • Confess his or her quietly held suspicion that God exists
  • Ask forgiveness for your personal failings (you know the ones I mean)
  • Do the above in Jesus’ name with a sincere heart

If you’ll do that you win!

I invite winners to attend a church near you this Christmas Eve. And here’s a surprise for ex-atheists! Real Christians aren’t like the people you’ve read about on atheist web sites. In fact, I can almost guarantee a decent sized church will have a few people smarter than you are. If you’re one of the people who run the End Christmas site, possibly quite a few smarter than you.

Beyond reconciliation with God, the chance to meet some interesting people, the chance to put your time and energy into something positive and worthwhile (like charity and community), I’m also going to throw in a free lifetime subscription to Verum Serum.

Merry Christmas ex-atheists!

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