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Saying Good-bye to Frankenstein

Scott on December 13, 2006 at 4:16 pm

Sad news today that Peter Boyle, the actor who played Ray Romano’s father on “Everyone Loves Raymond,” died today at the age of 71. Though I really enjoyed him in “Raymond,” to me Boyle will always be the Frankenstein portion of “Young Frankstein,” Mel Brook’s 1974 spoof of horror movies.

“Young Frankenstein” has been one of my favorite movies for years, though when I saw it at the age of 8 I didn’t appreciate a lot of the humor. If you’ve never seen it or haven’t seen it lately, I would suggest you do. It is a spoof worth every minute.

So long, Mr. Boyle.

John Adds: My favorite Peter Boyle scene from Young Frankenstein

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