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Sotomayor Hearing: Live Coverage, Live Blog

Morgen on July 14, 2009 at 7:13 am

7:05 (PDT) Sen. Sessions apparently led off with a question regarding Sotomayor’s “court is where policy is made” statement. Unfortunately I just caught the tail end of her answer. Essentially her response was that the “policy” she was referring to is not the same policy that legislators determine. Apparently there is some other sort of policy formulated by the judiciary – who knew.

7:28 (PDT) Sorry, there was a problem with the initial feed from USTREAM. Found another.

7:37 (PDT) According to Sen. Leahy there is a new standard for judicial confirmation. Apparently there is no need to pay attention to any views that SCOTUS candidates might have expressed in speeches or outside writings. I’ll remember this the next time there is a Republican nominee.

9:30 (PDT) Lunch break. I should note that so far Senator Sessions is the only one to have pressed Sotomayor on her “wise Latina” comment. And apparently Sotomayor took some advice from John “botched joke” Kerry in formulating her explanation for this. She said it was a “rhetorical flourish” which “fell flat“. Good one!

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