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FINALLY…We Can Get to the Bottom of the Holocaust!!!

Scott on December 12, 2006 at 12:51 am

In a bold move demonstrating his fitness to lead, not only Iran but the entire Middle East (and perhaps the world), President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad convened a conference today to discuss the validity and historical accuracy of the alleged “Holocaust” in which 6 million Jews allegedly lost their lives, allegedly targeted because of their alleged race/national origin.

It is most certainly a relief to see that someone is going to actually investigate the alleged proofs for the supposed extermination of those European Jews. Everybody knows that the hundreds of thousands of eye-glasses, shoes, dental fixtures, watches, etc that can be viewed at various alleged Holocaust museums are circumstantial evidence at best. Everybody also knows that the supposed concentration camps were, in fact, community recreation and rehabilitation centers that were run to benefit the Jews of Europe AT THE EXPENSE of the Third Reich. (And did anyone ever say thank you for that tremendous expense? I think not!)

Thanks to the Iranian president, we are finally going to get a fresh perspective on this alleged historical “fact.” He has assembled great minds from across the globe, and these minds will undoubtedly get to the “truth” of this notion of the “final solution” that Hitler supposedly formulated in relation to this alleged group of scape goats. I mean, with David Duke as a keynote speaker can we expect anything less than impartiality funneled through a keen intellect with a grasp of the geopolitical, psychosocial, and global ramifications of this alleged event? I think not!

After this conference is finished and the estemed historians, scientists, sociologists, and anthropologists have come to an agreement on the REAL story behind the sudden disappearance of millions of people without a trace (imagine a kosher LEFT BEHIND for the circumcised), I have heard that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad will be convening more conferences to investigate other urgent yet neglected questions such as…

1) Gravity…Is It All It’s Cracked Up To Be? (wait for it…think Newton’s Law PLUS Humpty Dumpty…did you get it yet?)

2) Are the pyramids of Egypt really evidence of an advanced Egyptian culture, or are they evidence of enormous snowcone holders turned upside down by an ancient race of interstellar giants?

3) How Much Wood Would a Wood Chuck Chuck if a Wood Chuck Could Chuck Wood?

Stay tuned for the results of these conferences as well.

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