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Praying for a Family and a Brother in Pain

Scott on July 11, 2009 at 9:40 am

Dear Regular Readers and Occasional Visitors to Verum Serum,

Hang around VS long enough and you’ll know that from time to time we disagree (sometimes quite strongly) with various “watchblogs” and “watchbloggers” around the blogosphere.  Ken Silva is one of those people with whom we frequently disagree.

However, today I would ask that we unite behind Ken and his family as they are enduring a tremendous tragedy.  Ken’s brother took his own life, leaving behind two teenage sons.

As I shared with Ken earlier this morning…

While we may be in disagreement at times about various topics and issues, this kind of tragedy and pain puts a lot of that in a different light and perspective.

Please take a moment to lift up Ken and his family and especially the two sons who must be asking a lot of deep, heart-wrenching questions right now.  It is certainly at times like this where the grace and mercy of God is felt most deeply.

And if you would like, please feel free to leave some words of encouragement for Ken here in this post.  I will make sure he sees them/gets them.

Grace and Peace,

Scott Ragan

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