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Krugman Compares Obama to Bush

John on July 10, 2009 at 11:08 am

Paul Krugman is upset with Barack Obama. So much so that he’s gone there and compared him to President Bush:

[T]here’s a difference between defending what you’ve done so far and being defensive. It was disturbing when President Obama walked back Mr. Biden’s admission that the administration “misread” the economy, declaring that “there’s nothing we would have done differently.” There was a whiff of the Bush infallibility complex in that remark, a hint that the current administration might share some of its predecessor’s inability to admit mistakes. And that’s an attitude neither Mr. Obama nor the country can afford.

You can read the whole thing, in which Krugman demands more stimulus, but you can really boil it all down to this:

Stop being an idiot like Bush and just admit I was right.

The first rule of holes is to stop digging. Krugman never learned that one apparently. Obama, who I suspect pays a bit more attention to the polls, is probably too smart to fall in line with Krugman on this. I hope not because one more stimulus would be the end of his free ride with the American people.

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