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Catholic Mahoney is FULL of Baloney

Scott on December 8, 2006 at 11:44 am

The criminal pedophile scandals that have rocked the Catholic church over the last few years are being resolved slowly, as the egos and backwards ethics of leaders like Cardinal Mahoney try to restrict, obfuscate, and impede the facts in the hundreds of cases and obstruct the investigations of those cases.

It was announced this week that the Los Angeles Archdiosese of the Catholic Church paid out another $60,000,000 in settlements to 53 plaintiffs who filed complaints against the church and the plethora of evil, child-abusing, innocense-poluting priests in their employ and under their protection.

Not two years ago, Cardinal Mahoney was complaining that the church didn’t have the money to pay out settlements to the individuals who have been harmed by the priests who molested and abused them. Mahoney seems to want people to forget that if he would have acted responsibly the first time then these people would never have been harmed. It is the church’s responsibility to make restitution to these people AND to have the priests prosecuted under the law.

And what is Mahoney’s reaction? It is this…

“Oh, sure. We could have used that money for other pastoral works.”

That’s it? The sum total of his reaction is this arrogant “gee, isn’t it a shame” attitude? Perhaps the Catholic Church should institute the death penalty for those who fail in their duties to protect the flock. Mahoney would be an ideal candidate for such punishment. I know that sounds harsh, but this guy REALLY disgusts me.

At the same time, an investigation by the L.A. Times has revealed that the assets held by the L.A. Archdiosese are worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $4 Billion dollars (that’s $4,000,000,000)! Can you IMAGINE that…the head of the Catholic Church in Los Angeles complains that the church can’t afford to pay out for damages caused by its own priests, meanwhile it is sitting on a fortune large enough to make Bill Gates or Warren Buffet sit up and take notice!

From time to time I have engaged in discussions with people (both Catholic and non-Catholic) as to whether the structured nature of the Catholic church is a blessing or a curse to those who practice their faith under the umbrella of Catholicism. Time and again I have to come to the conclusion that though there may be some benefits to a structured heirarchy like the one used by the Catholic Church, as a whole this type of structure and authority/power centered leadership lends itself to corruption, misjudgments, and just plain evil intentions.

The Pope should do the right thing and immediately intervene in this whole situation. Cardinal Mahoney should be released from any position of leadership within the Church, he should be turned over to the D.A. to face charges of obstruction of justice, all files pertinent to this ongoing scandal should be immediately made public, and any/all priests who have been guilty of criminal wrong-doing, sexual or otherwise, should be turned over to the L.A.P.D.

To do less is to give the impression that the Catholic Church is above both the rule of law AND the rule of God…but Christ instructed his followers to submit to both.

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