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Shannyn Moore: Sarah Palin’s Not-So-Grand Inquisitor

John on July 7, 2009 at 9:40 am

Shannyn Moore is an Alaska radio host who has become the left’s go-to gal for Palin-bashing. She’s been on all the MSNBC shows, plus Air America for her expert insight on Sarah Palin going back at least nine months. She’s also one of the bloggers who pushed Trig Trutherism, which tells you something about her standards in general.

Last week, Shannyn broke the Palin resignation story on Huff Post and she immediately began getting calls from major media. Since Friday she’s done radio and TV interviews. She was on Olbmermann again today (I don’t watch Keith so I can’t say for sure). In short, this was a big break for her.

As she has been making the rounds, Shannyn has been saying confidently that Palin’s resignation was in advance of a coming “iceberg” of a scandal. Despite a complete lack of details, she blogged about the coming scandal. She talked about the coming scandal on her radio show. She tweeted about the coming scandal repeatedly. And she assured all those media outlets that the coming scandal was a done deal. For instance, here’s an AP story from Sunday repeating Shannyn’s accusations that the scandal was a “fact.” [Note: the story quotes Palin's lawyer saying Shannyn Moore claimed this was fact. Having personally read Shannyn's blog and Twitter feed Friday and Saturday, this is indeed what Moore was doing]

That’s when Palin’s lawyer issued a press release letting Shannyn know she would be sued if this rumor-mongering didn’t stop. Shannyn reacted by throwing a “press conference” outside Palin’s office. Here’s video of that landmark event:

YouTube Preview Image

Notice that Shannyn now claims it was only “rumors…rumors” she was discussing and adds “eventually, maybe, we’ll all find out why she resigned.”  Uh…right. Eventually we will. Pretty much everyone, including me, was saying that last week. No one really knows why Palin resigned, but eventually we’ll find out.

But here’s the thing…that’s not what you were saying last week, Shannyn. What you were saying was facts, facts. So what happened to the iceberg you assured everyone was coming? And don’t try to weasel on me here. You were quoted by the AP about this, it’s not conjecture on my part. You were on fire with certainty Friday. By Sunday it’s just rumors.

Having rewritten history to make herself into the victim, Shannyn then plays the first amendment card. Now, I don’t mean to make light of the first amendment. As a blogger, I live on it. And I believe the record I have hear shows I’ve supported it without exception, even for people whose views I don’t much like. Yes, even for Shannyn Moore. My problem isn’t the Constitution, it’s that Shannyn Moore is a flaming hypocrite.

Here’s Shannyn’s blog. I’ve left two comments there in the last two days. I don’t remember the exact words but it was basically something like this:

Hey what happened to that big scandal you assured us was coming? Suddenly it’s just rumors? I thought you said it was a fact.

Maybe Truthout is hiring.

So, you know, a bit snarky but nothing beyond the pale of civilized discourse. I hit the send button and both my comments appeared with a blurb that said “Your comment is pending approval.”

But guess what! They never got approved. And I’m not alone. Several other commenters who tried to leave critical remarks had their comments disappear as well. All that remains are the glowing well-wishes of her new fans. Stuff like this:

I think I am in love.

And this:

Shannyn, you are truely a Real American Hero!

The best part is the title of the post: Shannyn Moore will not be muzzled. The muzzler won’t be muzzled! But sorry, the grand inquisitor does not take questions.

To sum up: Shannyn Moore, new left wing hero and defender of the first amendment when it comes to criticizing Sarah Palin, won’t allow even mild criticism of herself to appear on her own blog.

I see a real disconnect there, but maybe it’s just me. But, hey, what do you think? Feel free to leave a comment below letting me and other readers know. No registration required.

See how that works, Shannyn?

Addendum: Here are the tweets Shannyn issued on July 3rd. This one at 12:47PM:

The Iceberg is about to be revealed or she would still be there.

And this at 2:28PM:

listened to the speech again – damage control. Oh, this is going to get messy. Scandal coming in 3 -2-

Finally this one, also at 2:28PM:

yes, I know the nature of the scandal. Timing, baby, timing.

Notice that while those first two are speculative the last one isn’t. She’s saying she has knowledge about the scandal, only she isn’t ready to share it yet. Quite a change from that claim to what she says in her press conference, i.e. all she was doing was recycling rumors.

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