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Obama: Rara Avis

John on July 6, 2009 at 10:34 pm

The headline is a reference to Christopher Buckley’s description of Obama when he endorsed him last fall. His argument, if there was one, was that Obama’s writing showed him to be a “rare bird”. Apparently, that wasn’t the case when Obama attended Columbia:

[T]he most pervasive malady of the collegiate system specifically, and the American experience generally, is that elaborate patterns of knowledge and theory have been disembodied from individual choices and government policy. What the members of ARA and SAM try to do is infuse what they have learned about the current situation, bring the words of that formidable roster on the face of Butler Library, names like Thoreau, Jefferson, and Whitman, to bear on the twisted logic of which we are today a part. By adding their energy and effort in order to enhance the possibility of a decent world, they may help deprive us of a spectacular experience — that of war.  But then, there are some things we shouldn’t have to live through in order to want to avoid the experience.

Yikes! Let me translate that into English for you Barack:

The problem with America is that people are alienated from the system. We cold learn something about authenticity from Thoreau, Jefferson and Whitman. At least we should try because the alternatives are unpleasant.

See. It’s not that hard to be a “rara avis.”

[HT: The Anchoress]

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