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“Fidel” Night on Swedish TV! (Updated)

John on December 4, 2006 at 1:43 am

Update: I’m putting it here cause it’s easy and I’m tired. The Swedish television chief now regrets the “Fidel” theme night. She admits that it was not balanced:

Eva Hamilton, head of public service broadcaster SVT, has admitted that last Saturday’s Fidel Castro theme night merited much of the criticism it received.

“We should have been clearer about the fact that Cuba is a dictatorship”, said Hamilton.

You think so?

[End update]

Actually it was Saturday, so we’ve already missed it. Get a load of this description from Swedish TV station SVT:

The 2nd of December sees a double celebration for Cuba: for one thing it offers a belated chance to celebrate Fidel’s 80th birthday; it is also the 50th anniversary celebration of La Révolutión. Fidel Castro has been in power in Cuba since 1959. Rumors relating to his health have fueled speculation about what will happen to Cuba when he dies. Who is he, the man who has survived against all odds and has seen 10 American presidents come and go?

A former SVT producer spoke out:

Note that state television is celebrating a dictator and a communist power takeover. And it is doing so with two propaganda films that praise Castro, or “Fidel” as SVT prefers to call him. Nowhere do they manage to mention that Castro is a dictator, he has just “been in power” for 50 years.

All three studio guests are communists or communist apologists.

Several Swedish newspapers also came out against the “Fidel theme night.” The SVT producers told them to wait until the program had aired to complain.

Unrelated story out of Sweden: Last month the ERK (ethical council against sexism) asked an advertiser to pull a print ad for children’s pajamas. Why? Because the ad showed the little four year old girl in pink and the five year old boy in blue. Outrageous!

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