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Brokeback Bush

John on December 1, 2006 at 11:17 am

It’s apparently all the rage on Canadian TV:

Canadian television networks have been endlessly replaying excerpts of the “Brokeback” sketch, which is to be shown in full in a comedy review special on December 22.

In the takeoff of the celluloid romance between two rugged cowboys, Boisclair sticks his head inside a tent where apparently the US president and Canadian premier are fooling around.

“I won’t go in there,” says the leader of Parti Quebecois, the political party that seeks independence for the French language-dominated Canadian province.

Of course, it’s already on You Tube. My apologies to those with delicate sensibilities.

YouTube Preview Image

I’m sure there’s some deep social commentary going on here, but I don’t get what it is. Maybe our Canadian friend Scott from Magic Statistics can explain the uniquely Canadian humor. Plus, Bolsclair (the guy sticking his head in the tent) is openly gay. Why would a gay politician mock Bush using Brokeback Mountain of all things?

Very few politicians can do comedy…intentionally.

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