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Cry Uncle: Post-Election Thoughts

John on November 13, 2006 at 11:33 am

I’ve was out of town Wednesday through Friday and had class all day Saturday, so blogging wasn’t an option. I did have a few post election thoughts.

First, obviously the Republicans got clobbered. Others have pointed out that losses were in line with 6th year elections which are notoriously bad for the party in power. Nevertheless, I think the GOP could have thwarted history were it not for other factors that weighed heavy in the race.

It’s clear to me that the Democratic strategy in this election was to suppress the evangelical vote which was so decisive in 2004. Foley, Haggard and Kuo’s book were all timed for maximum political effect. That’s not just a guess. Haggard’s accuser admitted it and Foley’s accuser has been tied to a left leaning lobbying group.

In addition, the MSM played its usual role. The deciding race for the Senate turned out to be Virginia. The Washington Post is the largest paper in the area and spent months uncovering the ethnicity of George Allen’s mother, his use of “macaca” and allegations that he’d used the N-word 20 years earlier. Again, I’m not being unfair here. The post’s own ombudsman admitted their coverage had been decidedly anti-Allen. Given the closeness of the race, there can be little doubt that the slanted coverage made a difference.

Speaking of the Post, Byron York noted some post-election disparity that is worth highlighting:

The front page of the Washington Post’s Style section has featured the following headlines in the last two days:

Pride of Baltimore: Nancy Pelosi Learned Her Politics At the Elbow of Her Father the Mayor

Muted Tones of Quiet Authority: A Look Suited to the Speaker

Power Cleaning: As Democrats Take Over the House, Republicans’ Perks May Go Out the Window

The front page of the Style section featured the following headlines in the days after the 1994 election:

The Day After: Sifting Through the Wreckage

How the Gingrich Stole Christmas

So where does it go from here? Well, Nancy Pelosi has announced her support for John Murtha as House Majority Leader. The Dems are fast-tracking Murtha’s “redeployment” scheme. In short, we’re on our way out of Iraq. Simultaneously, the far left has an ongoing effort to assure Americans that the terror threat isn’t that significant now, if it ever was. I wrote about a PBS Frontline show making this claim. Just a few days ago, Bill Maher wrote something similar at the HuffPost:

[T]he philosopher Leo Strauss…argued that the only way to stop liberalism from ruining society was for the elites (a.k.a his neocon followers) to exploit myths (religion) or create new myths (the Islamic Menace) that will unite the hoi polloi in an orgy of nationalistic fervor. Sounds like fascism? Yup.

Bin Laden never had a chance of defeating the “strong horse” of the US military. His only option was to survive, keep up the pressure and make things ugly enough that the US people would decide to cry uncle. That’s just what happened last Tuesday. In a very real way, this is a victory for their side. That’s not to say that Democrats want the Jihadists to win, they don’t. It’s just that once again — as in Somalia, Haiti and Vietnam — Democrats fail to recognize the high cost of retreat. To be fair, Republicans have failed in this area too. Bush the elder’s refusal to go to Baghdad and Reagan’s retreat from Lebanon had similar consequences. The results this time will be no different.

Look at it in market terms. The US is now pulling out of Iraq, Democrats and their natural allies at the ACLU will continue chipping away at terrorist finance and wire-tap programs, habeas corpus rights will be extended to jihadists picked up on the battlefield — in these and many other ways the cost of waging war on the US is dropping sharply. Meanwhile, our retreat gives the enemy time and incentive to pursue future victories. In short, the market for anti-US terror is about to go boom. When the exports of that market reach our shores, as they did on 9/11, many Americans may wish to reconsider the decision they made last week. Unfortunately, at that point it will be too late.

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