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The Real Prescription for America: Scripted Talking Points

Morgen on June 25, 2009 at 4:57 pm

As an avid researcher and commenter on healthcare reform, I’ve signed up for various newsletters and advocacy lists from both sides of the debate. The definition of what constitutes a true “grassroots” movement has been distorted by both sides of the political spectrum; however, liberals the past couple of years have become true masters at artificially creating the appearance of a mass movement. (Michelle Malkin wrote an excellent column this week highlighting the Health Reform incarnation of this).

Along these lines, I thought I would share this gem of an email I received this morning from the Doctors for America organization, a group strategically aligned with the President’s reform agenda: (emphasis mine)

Dear Morgen,

Over the last 8 months, you’ve made sure that the White House and members of Congress know what you think about health reform.  Thanks to you, the bills now being formulated in Senate and House are taking big steps toward achieving more affordable, accessible care for all Americans. That’s something of which you should be proud.

But here’s the bad news.  Opponents of reform have escalated their efforts to scare people about what reform means.  They are calling attempts to change the status quo “socialized medicine.” And it’s starting to work.  Senators from both parties are wavering and are considering watering down key provisions in the bills.

Will you take 5 minutes to tell your Senators we cannot afford a watered down health reform bill?     We will provide you with telephone numbers and a script, but we need your voice to carry this important message.

Help answer the obstructionists like Senator Shelby of Alabama, whose answer to the health care crisis is fearmongering:

President Barack Obama’s proposed healthcare plan is the “first step in destroying the best healthcare system the world has ever known.”

You don’t need to be a policy expert to tell your Senators why petty politics are an unacceptable answer to the real problems we and our patients face every day.   You only need to bring your personal experience with you. We’ll provide you with all the information you need, including a sample script. Don’t forget to let us know when you’ve called!

Please take 5 minutes to call Senators Feinstein and Boxer right now.

Please forward this to as many doctors as possible.  If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that doctors’ voices do matter.

Alex Blum MD
Doctors for America

Note that the good Dr. Blum does not say anything to directly refute the claims made by the opponents of ObamaCare. And I didn’t realize that the Hippocratic Oath included the mandate to instruct your fellow citizens to do your bidding following a “sample script”. Now that is what I call Democracy in action!

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