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Kerry Won’t Apologize?!? Surprise, Surprise!!!

Scott on November 1, 2006 at 2:11 pm

John Kerry, coming off the offensive comments he made to students at Pasadena City College on Monday, is refusing to apologize and/or acknowledge that he did anything wrong.

If you missed it, Kerry came to California to help lend his support (such as it is) to the sadly pathetic, irritating, impotent gubernatorial candidacy of Phil Angelides, the guy running against Arnold. While speaking to students at the community college, Kerry said:

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, you study hard, you do your homework and you make an effort to be smart, you can do well. And if you don’t, you get stuck in Iraq.”

Kerry claims that his comment was a “botched joke” while also claiming that Bush and other Republicans know that it was a botched joke and that they are trying to make “something out of nothing” to try and embarass him and to take the spotlight off of some of the Republican party’s recent gaffs.

Botched joke or not, shouldn’t he have the balls to apologize for offending so many people? Shouldn’t he have the strength of character to stand up and say that he was trying to be funny but it fell flat and that he had no intention to slight the men and women of the military.

Unless of course he DID intend to slight the military. It wouldn’t come as a surprise given his past track record of behavior from 1971 onwards.

It also doesn’t come as a surprise that he won’t apologize, because it seems to be part of Kerry’s paradigm that he isn’t ever really wrong, it’s either somebody else’s fault or people just aren’t up to level of intelligence necessary to “get” him. Remember when he was up skiing during the presidential campaign and he fell. His first reaction was to jump up and curse at the secret service agent assigned to protect him, claiming that it was this agent’s fault (even though eye-witnesses said that when Kerry fell he was quite a distance from the agent). Did Kerry ever apologize to the agent? Not that I know of (at least it wasn’t reported). Did he ever apologize to the public and/or media for his behavior and his apparent ingratitude for the service that the agent was performing in keeping Kerry safe? Not that I know of (again, at least it wasn’t reported if he did).

And I won’t even point out the whole thing about Kerry making outrageous claims during and after the Vietnam War that were never substantiated but were fairly-well debunked by many people throughout the years.

In short, I guess my point is that John Kerry is under the impression that he should be able to say whatever he wants whenever he wants. Truth is inconsequential. It’s what HE wants to say that is important. And if people disagree with him or have something to say to debunk what he has said, then he falls back on one of two excuses…they’re too stupid or they don’t get it the way that he does.

I am once again reminded about how wonderful it is that Kerry never became President.

ADDITION: Kerry appeared on the Don Imus radio show today and gave what could be an apology, though I think it would qualify more as a “yeah, but” statement. If you aren’t familiar with “yeah, but” statements, those are the times when an individual says something and gets caught up in something that they said ( a lie, an exaggeration, a cruel verbal jab, etc) and then tries to act like they are apologizing and/or taking it back but really they are just trying to place blame and/or responsibility on somebody else. We are all guilty of this from time to time. I can only think that it is part of human nature. It just seems that Kerry is more experienced at it than most.

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