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Tuesday Grabbag

John on October 31, 2006 at 11:07 am

Some surprising, some not:

  1. Studio 60 is about to be cancelled. Aaron Sorking, the most overvalued writer in Hollywood, is about to see his expensive new show get flushed. Here’s a hint Aaron, the Christian bashing didn’t help.
  2. Elephants are smart. (Vote accordingly)
  3. Danes taking a hard line on late term abortion. Abortion is more controlled in much of Europe then it is here where the “health of the mother” exception is used as an all-purpose loophole.
  4. U2 in 3D…Sweet!
  5. The media is in the tank for Dems this election. I’m shocked, shocked! BTW, ABC News political director Mark Halperin has admitted it. Left of center commentator Juan Willams has admitted it. And the BBC admitted it. The rest of the MSM hasn’t admitted it yet, but is guilty of it nonetheless.

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