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Survey from Lebanon: Women Smarter

John on October 30, 2006 at 7:44 pm

After the recent battle between Israel and Lebanon, I noted that Hezbollah was celebrating something called “The Divine Victory.” The Beirut Center for Research and Information did a survey of attitutes toward the “victory” and the results are interesting:

It is worth noting the discrepancies between men and women in replies since the survey showed that women were less positive than men about the resistance. Seventy eight percent of men believed the resistance won, whereas 66 percent of women did not. While 81 percent of the men stressed the importance of the resistance’s support to the Lebanese Army, 76 percent of the women did not. Furthermore, 54 percent of women answered `no` to the question regarding the international forces` capacity to deter any Israeli aggression, whereas 73 percent of men said `yes.`

The survey also showed that about 30 percent of women said it was possible to have peace with Israel, whereas only 20 percent of men did.

Too bad women in Islamic society have about as many rights as cattle.

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