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Iran Protests: Saturday is the Turning Point

John on June 20, 2009 at 8:52 am

Here’s a shot of the riot police massed against protesters:

Iran Saturday

Al Jazeera reports that they are using tear gas and water cannons to prevent people from entering Revolutionary Square.

There continues to be a debate about whether or not the US should intervene, even verbally. Some, like this writer in the UK Guardian, say no:

[G]iven the nature of Iranian politics, any US statements or other efforts aimed at influencing the current debate are likely to assist the conservative advocates of government guided by religious principles – because they can tar the reformers with the brush of being agents of Washington.

It’s a fair point and yet I can’t help but think that silence always helps the oppressors. In fact, the regime has already accused the US of intervening and is even now cracking down on the reformers with or without calling them “agents of Washington.” In other words, what has silence gotten us or anyone?

George Bush envisioned a new Middle-East where democracy was the norm rather than the exception. Through enormous sacrifice of blood and treasure, Iraq has come a long way since Saddam. Reformers have won elections in Lebanon. The Taliban, despite a disasterous handover of territory winked at by this administration, is on the run in Afghanistan. Al Qaeda is reportedly the weakest it has ever been. Is it a coincidence that the vision of a free Middle East seems to be taking hold in Iran as well? Only one thing is certain. The MSM will never credit Bush.

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