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ElBaradei: I Was Wrong, Iran Wants Nukes

John on June 20, 2009 at 8:16 am

Nobel Prize winner Mohammed ElBaradei, was asked in September 2007 about Iran’s nuclear ambitions. He said this:

We have not come to see any undeclared activities or weaponization of their program,” ElBaradei said. “Nor have we gotten intelligence to that effect.”

Asked in another interview around the same time what he thought about American claims that Iran was just using delaying tactics to further their goals, he said:

It’s not possible to manipulate us. We are not naïve and we do not take sides…We consistently searched for evidence that Iran intends to build nuclear weapons. We found suspicious signs, but no smoking gun.

But it wasn’t just two years ago. As recently as last month, ElBaradei was still uncertain about Iran’s intentions:

We still have no ultimate proof of a military nuclear program in Iran. However, we do have some unanswered questions.

This week — after months of speculation that Iran may already have enough fissile material to build a small nuclear bomb — he finally revised his opinion:

Iran wants to “send a message” to its neighbors and the rest of the world: “Don’t mess” with Iran and “we can have nuclear weapons if we want to.”

In other words, ElBaradei (and all the people listening to him) were dupes of the regime, exactly as the Bush administration said they were. Yet, in that same interview last month ElBaradei made sure we knew one thing:

It was others who failed.

Sure it was.

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