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Sen. Feingold Defends Public Plan, Admits Ultimate Goal is Single-Payer

Morgen on June 18, 2009 at 4:34 pm

Senator Russ Feingold (D-WI) spoke from the Senate floor today, in strong support of the public plan. According to Sen. Feingold, the public plan is the “most important element” of any reform legislation. Watch:

YouTube Preview Image

In case there remains any doubt as to why the public plan is so critically important to the liberal Democrats driving the health reform agenda, let’s wind the clock back to May 12 of this year and listen to what Sen. Feingold had to say in an interview with the liberal media group Democracy Now!:

YouTube Preview Image

…I believe the goal here is to create whatever legislation we have in a way that could be developed into something like a single-payer system.

In the past week the President of the U.S. and his Health Secretary Kathleen Sebelius have both publicly denied that the public plan is intended in any way to be a trojan or stalking horse for a single-payer system. The President went so far as to claim that anyone who says this is lying. Well Mr. President, was Russ Feingold lying about this? Was Kathleen Sebelius lying about this? Was Rep. Jan Schakowsky lying about this?

You know, if the stakes weren’t so critically important I’d probably just chalk this up as typical spin-making on the part of politicians. But healthcare represents something like 20% of our economy and we are literally talking about an issue of life and death. For our children and grandchildren…and perhaps more importantly our parents and grandparents. Because it is the elderly that will suffer the most under the rationing that will inevitably result when the financial reckoning comes. I am not willing to just sit back and watch this happen as an innocent bystander. These people are outright lying to us about their real intentions. And I am going to keep calling them on it until the public plan goes down in the defeat it so rightly deserves!

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