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Jihad Website Update (Updated)

John on October 30, 2006 at 2:54 pm

See Development Below

For those who haven’t been following, is a site promoting a (possibly mythical) sniper who has taken shots at US servicemen in Iraq. Whether Juba is real or a composite character doesn’t matter. The Islamic Army of Iraq is real and is shooting at our guys. They are the group that produced the video shown on CNN last week.

Anyway, last week I and a group of individuals over at My Pet Jawa tracked down and then took down (through contacting the host) a Jihadi website. You can read my account here. Today I have a few updates on that story. First, I was very pleased that someone from Centcom Public Relations noticed our efforts. That means a lot to me. It reminds me how grateful I am to the US servicemen and women who are putting themselves on the line for us even as I write this.

Now for the bad news. is now back up. Not with the same host. Whoever owns it has simply signed a new hosting agreement with another company. In fact, this is the second new hosting site in the last 5 days. The great folks over at Jawa chased these guys off another host on Friday while I was at a blogging convention.

Currently the Juba site is being hosted by ixwebhosting. So just to make it clear to the non-techies,, a terrorist web site, is now available because an American company located in Hopkinsville, KY took money to host this filth.

said.jpgCEO Fathi Said is listed as the contact person for the current incarnation of juba’s site. This morning I sent Mr. Said’s company the following letter:

There is a website being hosted on your servers at: The URl is

This site is a terrorist propaganda site. It offers videos produced by the Islamic Army of Iraq. This particular site was put up at ecommerce/ixhosting after the previous host (Site Genie) agreed to take it down.

I’ve read the terms of service at ixhosting. They specifically state that ixhosting will not allow or host web sites that deal in any illegal activity. I think attempted murder of US service personnel constitutes illegal activity and probably treason on the part of the individual who is paying you to host this site.

I believe you are already aware of this issue as you have been contacted previously. Can you please explain to me why you have agreed to host this site?

So far no response. I think it may be time to turn up the heat. If anyone wants to help take this site down, I encourage you to e-mail ixwebhosting at You can also use the link above and call them. My next step is to contact the local FBI.

Juba is going down or ixwebhosting is going to start getting a lot of free publicity from me that they aren’t going to like.

Update 3PM: After a chat and a phone call, I have been asked to open a ticket with ixwebhosting’s billing dept. I have done so. The person I spoke to on the phone said the site could come down fairly quickly once the right party within the company is aware of it.
I had read somewhere else that ixwebhosting had refused to remove a related site at Maybe that’s not so. It seems that so far they are being responsive. We’ll see.

Update 3:30PM: I found an article at which I found interesting. In Dec. 2005, a website associated with Al Qaeda was noted to have a threat against the life of President Bush, Tony Blair and several other Westen leaders. At the time, the site was hosted by… After a call about the threat the site came down, but then things got strange:

A couple of days later the Al Firdaws site was reactivated. Clearly identifying myself as an investigative writer, I called IX Webhosting (also apparently doing business as Hosting-network Gmbh and on Tuesday, to see if the company had reactivated the site or if its operators had switched to another service provider.

An employee who answered the telephone said that her company was indeed hosting the site. Then apparently thinking I was the Al Firdaws site owner, she launched into a profuse apology for the site being taken down, as there had not been, she said, any violation of the company’s terms of service.

I then reiterated to this individual that I was an investigative writer, not the Al Firdaws site owner, and that the site contained a significant threat against world leaders. Asked who made the decision to reactivate the site, the IX employee said it was a member of the company’s management. I asked to speak to a manager. The individual took my telephone number and name, and said I would get a call back.

Informed that I would be reporting the situation to the FBI, the IX employee said that the FBI could communicate with the company by the U.S. Postal Service if they wanted the site taken down.

I also told the IX employee that I would make public my conversation with her. Hearing this, she said I could not do that as to do so would be violating her constitutional rights.

Let’s hope things have improved over the past year.

Update 11:40PM: Just about to go to bed when I notice the ticked I’d opened at ixhosting was marked resolved. Here is the explanation:

Thank you for contacting us. Rest assured that this site is already under investigation by the proper authorities.

I don’t find that especially satisfying since the site is still up, but I suppose it’s possible they’ve been asked to leave it up. Maybe the FBI is going to arrest whoever is posting these sites. I’ve asked for clarification. If I get any, I’ll post it.

Update 11/01: In response to my request for more information, I received this response:

I do apologize, but we can not give out any information regarding the site. As previously stated, the proper authorities are investigating the site. Thank you for contacting us.

The site is still up. I’m not sure I believe them. I guess we’ll see if it comes down in the next couple days.

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