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Gregory S. Paul Call Your Office

John on October 26, 2006 at 12:38 am

Greg Paul is the artist whose “study” on the health effects of religious faith we dealt with here. The thrust of Mr. Paul’s study was comparing the religious US to the secular scandinavian countries in a number of social health categories. In that regard, I present a few recent stories from Sweden:

  1. Sweden one of the World’s Worst Polluters – The US came in second in the world, Finland 3rd, Sweden 8th according to this report.
  2. Sweden has a Problem with Alcohol – Not as bad as England or Scotland (or Finland) but still a serious problem.
  3. Violent Crime Up 7% This Year – The story says six but the Swedish crime website says  7%. That’s a big jump. By contrast, the US had a really bad year in 2005. Violent crime was up 2.5%, which was the worst spike since 1991.

You’re still safer in Sweden for the time being, but it wouldn’t take very many years of 7% increase in violent crime for that to change.

What say you, Mr. Paul?

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