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Morgen on June 16, 2009 at 9:29 am

With the influx of traffic today from the coverage of VS on the Fox Glenn Beck show, I thought it might be worthwhile to highlight some of our past work here on VS. And I also seem to be tapped out of new story ideas at the moment…and John is traveling. (BTW, if you are looking for our Public Plan Deception video – it’s here.)

I’ve been working with John and Scott informally since last October…and more officially since April. But VS has been doing great work since long before I was around. We cover an eclectic mix of stuff, but the general theme is dealing with the intersection of faith, politics, and a little entertainment, with a generally respectful tone and an openness to discussion and debate with people who don’t agree with us.

With no further ado, and in no particular order, we hope you enjoy these!:

1. Crossing Paths Daily – Did Obama Share an office with Bill Ayers?

2. Sotomayor’s Infamous “Wise Latina” Speech – broke this story here on VS

3. Stories We’d Be Reading if Bush Were Still President – funny because it’s true

4. How Many Christians Are There in America? – not as many as you think?

5. Barney Frank in 2005 – What Housing Bubble? – a VS exclusive

6. Bill Clinton: “My Middle Leg Will Be Dancing Soon” – hilarious story John dug out of the UK press

7. Sotomayor: Court is Where Policy is Made Video – VS was the original source for this too

8. Announcing the 2010 Chrysler Line-up! – is there such thing as a .5L Hemi?

9. Obama vs. Orszag on Health Reform Savings – at least one of them is not telling the truth

10. Is Barack Obama an Alien? – thanks to the magic of random Google searches, and alien conspiracy theorists everywhere, this is a Top 5 all-time post

11.  Debunking Gregory S. Paul – putting to bed the myth that religion is bad for society

12.  The Miracle of Our Existence – taking a look at the fact of our existence in this universe

13.  Islam’s Rejection of Rational Thought – why the logic of Islam seem to be so out of step with the rest of the world

14.  Earth’s Hot and Cold Flashes – remember back when we were anticipating an impending ice age?

15.  Slice of Laodicea Jumps the Shark – taking a look at an ODM (online “discernment” ministry)

16.  Who Can Seek God, Part 2 – can humanity seek God on our own, or are we doomed to failure until God seeks us?

17.  A Letter to Ken Silva – taking another online “discernment” ministry to task

18.  How to Pretend God Only Likes Your Music – how personal preferences suddenly becomes God’s preferences

19.  A Dose of “Truth?” – Al Gore and his flawed, less-than-truthful “Truth” movie

20.  Tickling One’s Own Ears, Part I – what happens when those who claim to have God’s ear only listen to themselves?

21.  Planned Parenthood:  Rotten Roots Equal Rotten Fruit – what do you expect from an organization rooted in a philosophy of racism, genocide and infanticide?

22.  So How Would You Answer This Question? - a look at the question that every Christian encounters at least once

23.  A Little Diversion…Just for Fun – see if you can identify 30 movie quotes WITHOUT cheating

24.  15 Top Alternative Uses for Fingernail Polish – just what it sounds like…and quite useful information

25.  Regarding the Implosion of a Church – what happens when a good church implodes

Update: also, if you are on Twitter, please consider adding us to your Twitter feed ( We have some other ideas for pushing back on the worst elements of the Democrats’ health reform agenda using Twitter. There are a lot of media forces lining up behind the President – it’s going to take a big effort on the part of all conservatives to defeat the so-called public plan “option”.

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