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Johnny Sokko is Here!

John on October 18, 2006 at 8:24 pm

giant-robo.jpgAmazon has recently created a video download service called Unbox Video. It’s clearly meant to be a rival to Apple’s iTunes. Unbox already has hundreds of movies and TV shows available. Most of it is standard fare.

But of all things the original Johnny Sokko TV show is one of the first shows available. Why Amazon would care about a Japanese TV show from 1967-68 is anyone’s guess, but I couldn’t be more pleased. This show has never been available in the US except long ago on VHS. Now all 26 episodes are available for download in DVD quality.

All I can say is “Giant Robo…Attack!”

Now if only someone would make Kamen Rider and UltraSeven available.

Update for the Geek Impaired: Here’s a link to the wikipedia entry for Johnny Sokko and here’s a link to video of Giant Robot in action. (Note: the Amazon video quality is a lot better than this.)

SCOTT ADDS: The only thing I can say is…sad, sad, SAD! Though John played this post kind of cool, in reality when he heard this INCREDIBLE bit of news his heart rate probably sky-rocketed and he probably broke out in a cold sweat. I bet he maxed out his cable modem and burned out the local junction box downloading all 25 episodes so that he could immediately begin indoctrination of his daughters!

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