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Al Qaeda at the Border Redux

John on November 17, 2005 at 2:27 pm

Just a week ago I posted some information about Rep. Sue Myrick’s comments that three Al Qaeda members had been caught trying to cross the border. The following week I recieved an e-mail from her press aide stating that this had all been a mistake. As I said at the time, I don’t buy it.

Today we have more information leaking out that there is in fact Al Qaeda activity on our southern border. Most intriguing is the recent arrest in Mexico of an Al Qaeda operative who:

was monitoring border activity…communications found on him were in “code” to make it appear as though he were tracking migratory birds.

I’m not looking to become chicken little here, but if Al Qaeda has some monitoring border activity in code, I think we may have a problem.

According to the story, this individual was held in Mexico but has now been transferred to the U.S. Obviously this hasn’t made the papers before now, so it lends creedance to the idea that Rep. Myrick’s comments may have been a slip of confidential information rather than a mistake.

There is one more tidbit in the story which caught my attention. Rep. Culbertson, who seems to be the source of much of this story, gathered information first hand from sheriffs sometime “last month” (October). The story then notes:

After returning to Washington, he said he had spoken with a number of colleagues, sharing “stories and pictures.”

So we know there was someone (Rep. Culberson) sharing information with other Representatives on the hill about the dangers of Al Qaeda on the southern border not long prior to Rep. Myrick’s press conference. That would certainly explain how a Representative from North Carolina had inside information about what was going on at the Texas border.

Stay tuned.

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