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Holocaust Museum Shooter Hated Christians and Jews

John on June 12, 2009 at 9:24 am

Francis Beckwith writing at What’s Wrong With the World discovers this discourse on Christianity written by shooter James Von Brunn:

As duped Aryan sheep begin to understand the “Holocaust” they also begin to better understand Christianity. Both have similar origins. Both have identical objectives…. The New Testament was written in Greek. Paul – who believed the World was flat, that Joshua made the sun stand still, and Jehovah spoke from a burning bush — wrote one-third of it, perhaps more. The events described in the 24 Books are often contradictory, fail the time-line, defy both archaeology’s and nature’s immutable laws, and are suicidal if practiced. Nevertheless, the shamans bought it, taught it, and the illiterate public was coerced, brainwashed, threatened, tortured, murdered, and enthralled. The Encyclopedia Britannica states that over 6,000 major redactions exist between the Septuagint (translation of Aramaic into Greek) and its St. James biblical translation.

The Gospels profess that only Christians may enter Yahweh’s Kingdom of Heaven. To qualify, among other demands, Christians must LOVE THEIR ENEMIES (Jews); give away their personal belongings; eschew knowledge; judge not, despise nature, abandon earthly pleasures, acknowledge that all YHWH’s children are equal; and above all else worship YHWH, the jealous, wrathful, vengeful, unforgiving, genocidal, anthropomorphic tribal god (Jesus’ father) created by Hebrews in their image and likeness. Omnipotent, omniscient YHWH promises Hebrews that they alone shall inherit the earth, that it is commendable to steal from Gentiles, better yet — kill them. Whereas Gentiles, if they fail to worship YHWH, are transported straight to Hell. And it is written, “A little child shall lead them.”

These dangerous, imbecilic, concepts, tenets, and teachings, often treasonous, DESTROYED the Roman Empire and drenched the soil of Europe with Aryan blood for almost 2000 years!

The Big Lie technique, employed by Paul to create the CHRISTIAN RELIGION, also was used to create the HOLOCAUST RELIGION … CHRISTIANITY AND THE HOLOCAUST are HOAXES.

Von Brunn is considered a “right-wing extremist” because he had longstanding ties to various white-supremacist groups, but his “hit list” reportedly included FOX News and the Weekly Standard. In the wake of Dr. Tiller’s murder, it’s worth noting that Von Brunn was not the sort of person the left usually envisions when it criticizes the right, i.e. a “Christianist” to use Andrew Sullivan’s slur. In fact, some of his views, like those above, are much more at home on the left.

Despite all of this, TPM and others see this as vindication of the much maligned (and rightly so) DHS report on right-wing extremists. The shooting of William Long by a Muslim convert, something conspicuously absent from the DHS report, doesn’t seem to figure in to their analysis.

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