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Why Muslims Don’t Convert

John on October 15, 2006 at 11:33 pm

From the Pakistan Christian Post:

A devout Muslim woman was attacked and stabbed to death, allegedly by her husband, after their 17-year-old daughter announced she was embracing Christianity, according to police and news reports.

“From what we understand the daughter decided to tell her father of her radical plan to convert to Christianity which, in the eyes of most Muslims, is totally unacceptable and to be honest, sadly, many would react as he has done,” a Muslim source told “The Gold Coast Bulletin.”

The husband was a doctor. The story ends with this line:

The Quran does instruct the faithful to kill those who leave the faith but Muslim leaders have said that is not to be taken literally.

Which Muslim leaders are those again?

[HT: Sweetness & Light]

SCOTT ADDS: The divergent paths traveled by Christianity and Islam are readily available for analysis.  One simply takes the time to look. Check out this past post titled Islam’s Rejection of Reason and Rational Thought.

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