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Missing Sotomayor Information Highlighted by VS is on the Record

Morgen on June 10, 2009 at 8:05 pm

Last week I posted on an item that was missing from the Judiciary Questionnaire that Judge Sotomayor turned in to the Senate. It was a transcript of some brief remarks that she made on a panel at the 2004 Conference of the American Constitutional Society. After I posted this information here on VS, I also sent an email to Senator Sessions who is the ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, and also to a contact at the Judicial Confirmation Network who had discovered some other items missing from the Questionnaire. I thought it was important that Judge Sotomayor’s remarks be included in the record, and as I noted in my post, I also thought that they provided some importants insights regarding her beliefs on judicial activism and the separation of powers.

Well, lo and behold it was reported today¬†that Senate Republicans sent a letter to Judge Sotomayor requesting additional information that was omitted from the Questionnaire. It’s actually quite an extensive list of items, but take a look at what is included at the bottom of page 3:

We are particularly troubled because there may well be transcripts available for certain remarks: for example, a transcript of the 2004 panel entitled “The Future of Judicial Review: The View From the Bench” was available online. ¬†

Yep, this is the very same item that I discovered. And while it is entirely possible that Senate staffers also found this on their own, the letter highlights other items that had been discovered exclusively by the Judicial Confirmation Network. So I suspect they relayed over the information that I had sent them (or perhaps Senator Sessions’ staff got it from my email).

In any case, it was gratifying to see that something else brought to light here on VS made its way into the record. It’s been announced this week that the confirmation hearings will start on July 13, so we are now only a few short weeks away from hearing Judge Sotomayor explain in her own words the meaning behind the other major items that were first reported here on this blog (the “court is where policy is made” video comment, and the now infamous “wise Latina” remark). Looking forward to it!

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