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7 Things: A Quick Catch Up Post

John on October 10, 2006 at 4:05 pm

The last two weeks have been very hectic for me. As a result, my ability to blog regularly has been serverely impaired. Now that I can see the light at the end of this tunnel, I wanted to catch up on a few stories I noted but didn’t have time to post.

1) Great review of a new Mohammed hagiography by Muslim apologist Karen Armstrong. Here’s a sample:

[I]n the years since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, a vast cohort of Western apologists has consistently painted a surrealistic picture of Islam’s political agenda. Depicting jihad as an inner quest for personal self-improvement, rather than the “holy war” claimed by countless Muslim dynasties and leaders throughout history, they dismissed the worldwide wave of Islamic terrorism as an excessive reaction by misguided fringe groups to America’s arrogant and self-serving foreign policy. “Muslims have never nurtured dreams of world conquest,” wrote Karen Armstrong, a prominent representative of this view, shortly after September 11. “They had no designs on Europe, for example, even though Europeans imagined that they did. Once Muslim rule had been established in Spain, it was recognized that the empire could not expand indefinitely.” This assertion couldn’t be further from the truth.

2) My friend Tom Gilson at Thinking Christian notes the return of Gregory S. Paul, this time to the pages of Skeptic magazine. Basically, the new article is just a rehash of Paul’s shoddy “study” of last year. As Tom notes:

A good dose of skepticism, coupled with some actual investigation before they parroted this piece, would have done the Skeptics Society some good.

3) If you’ve heard of the Body Worlds exhibit in which real human corpses are dissected and put on display, then you already know that Gunther Von Hagens, the creator of this process, calls it plastinization. Now BBC4 is set to produce a 90 minute special featuring a crucified corpse. The suits at BBC assured everyone this had nothing to do with religion. Then someone got hold of one of their internal memos, which described the special as:

“a 90-minute film for More4 in which Gunther plastinates ‘Jesus’ “

It’s also worth noting that the German magazine Der Spiegel published information suggesting Von Hagens bodies are the result of Chinese executions. Von Hagens claims he has no idea where the bodies came from. Riiiiiiiight. Here’s the story from the Daily Mail.

4) The single best response I’ve read to atheist Sam Harris and his new Christian bashing book was written by a Jew. Michael Medved, who interviewd Harris on his radio show, does a great job in this must-read piece.

5) Interesting info on the President’s Faith-Based Initiative from the Washington Post. Here’s the key graph:

“Those people who were most worried can exhale,” said Robert M. Franklin, a professor of social ethics at Emory University who worked as a consultant on the survey. “Churches have not been manipulated by Karl Rove. They have not sold out.”

6) You have to check out this picture.

7) Billionaire scumbag and patron of evolutionary science Jeffrey Epstein, who I wrote about here and here, has apparently been trying to intimidate witnesses:

The parent or parents of alleged victims who complained of being harassed by private investigators provided license tag numbers of two of the men. Police found the vehicles were registered to a private eye in West Palm Beach and another in Jupiter, according to Recarey’s report.

“I have no knowledge of it,” defense attorney Goldberger said.

The report also says a woman connected to the Epstein case was contacted by somebody who was still in touch with Epstein. That person told her she would be compensated if she didn’t cooperate with police, Recarey’s report says. Those who did talk “will be dealt with,” the woman said she was told. Phone records show the woman talked with the person who allegedly intimidated her around the time she said, Recarey reported.

Phone records also show that the person said to have made the threat then placed a call to Epstein’s personal assistant, who in turn called a New York corporation affiliated with Epstein, the report states.

Here’s what I want to know. Why does Mark Foley get seven days of coverage of his dirtbag behavior while the far more disgusting actions of Democrat and FOB Jeffrey Epstein, which included sleeping with underage girls and keeping a sex-slave, don’t get one day of coverage.

Okay, I’m caught up except for one more story that deserves its own post. Ciao!

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